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Would you like to find out about our farms and our farmers?

In 2008, Llet ATO S.L. was founded; a group of seven Catalonian farmers who give the meaning to "animal welfare in la nostra terra."
Every day, they place all of their love and dedication into the care, good nutrition and rest of their cows.
In their work, their honesty and their commitment to quality, it is the farmers who make ATO possible.

Each farm has a story


Mas La Coromina

Every family farm has its little story.

In the 1960s, Melchor Puigdemont, the family’s grandfather, bought Mas La Coromina and started his path with just two cows. This family farm grew and passed on its values to the following generations. Albert and Isabel are already the third generation. Who knows whether their children will be the fourth in the future!

The love for their profession and the commitment to the animals and their land has led Mas La Coromina to becoming an organic farm after two years of intense work.

With the desire to preserve the family legacy and with the honesty of a job well done, this farming family invites you to visit their farm and home. Do you fancy it?

Mas Bes

Mas Bes farm; dairy tradition.

The Mas Bes family farm is in the heart of the Girona region. A traditional dairy farmhouse, in which four generations of the Viñolas family have created an environment to relive the past and experience the present of the rural world.

Mas Bes is a story of family, work and love for agriculture and livestock farming. A love for the rural world that has passed from generation to generation. It has a farm of 1200 animals and a total of 550 milking cows. This high quality milk is used in bottling ATO Natura milk and its own traditionally-made products.

The Viñolas family offers the opportunity to enjoy the warmth of Mas Bes, to get to know its farm and the field museum to feel like a member of their family. Do you fancy it?

Mas Guri

The Mas Guri farm is located in the Esclet neighbourhood, in Cassà de la Selva, a municipality in the Girona region. This area, populated by Mediterranean forest, is characterised by being an area of intense livestock farming work.

In 1957, Francisco Borrell Sensat and his wife Antonia Mas y Calafell, residents of Barcelona, ​​decided to buy the Mas Guri and Mas Reballi estates. In 1965, they acquired their first 27 cows and the Mas Guri farm began. In 2000, their grandson Francisco Borrell Thió took up the reigns to begin a growth and modernisation phase. Currently, Maria and Joan Borrell Pol, the family’s great-grandchildren, are the ones who run the farm.

Over almost five decades, the Mas Guri farm has transformed and evolved to guarantee ATO consumers a high quality milk, thanks to its good animal welfare practices.

Sant Josep Farm

The Pont family, 70 years of effort and enthusiasm.

In March 1951, Josep Mª Pont Cases, the family’s grandfather, acquired the San Jose Farm estate, located between Almacelles and Tamarite de Litera.

The first 10 years were dedicated to growing cereals and fodder and all their efforts were concentrated in desalinating the lands. In 1961, they bought the first six cows and the farm expanded with the second and third generation. Members of the fourth generation are currently working on it.

The Sant Josep farm is the largest farm in ATO, it has 1,200 hectares of irrigation, producing fodder for its livestock.

The Pont family appreciates the commitment and loyalty of Llet Ato consumers and its motivation is to continue striving every day to supply them with the best quality milk.

Sat Sant Mer

Sant Mer, history and commitment to sustainability

The Sant Mer farm, located in Sant Esteve de Guialbes, was baptised with the name of a small hermitage very close to its facilities. Its origin dates back to the 1970s, when three young friends who went to school together in the same town decided to bring together 75 cows thanks to the efforts of their families.

Today, Mia, Jep and Kim are still responsible for the farm, which continues to grow and evolve to adapt to new times and to the new needs of society.

In their commitment to sustainability and the environment, they are partners of a biogas plant developer and have a plant on their farm, which enables them to manage their own waste and thus set an example in sustainable operations.

El Trèvol Farm

The El Trèvol Farm's values are closely linked to the local lands.

The farm is located in Vilobí d’Onyar (Girona) and was established in 1969 as a result of the aspirations and work of three families with roots in the municipality, all of them with extensive knowledge and experience of the agricultural world.
Thanks to the drive of its founders, Miquel Lleopart, Josep Matamala and Joaquim Vivas, and to their work philosophy closely linked to the “local lands,” they managed to grow and today the second generation of the three families is leading further growth.

Aware of the importance of agricultural activity in Catalonia, the children of the founders of El Trevol farm know that animal welfare practices are key to obtaining the best quality milk.

Can Costa de Manol

Can Costa de Manol; perseverance and commitment.

In 1970, Salvador Casanovas acquired a farm in a privileged area of the Alt Empordà region, to develop an agricultural and livestock project.
A vital project of the founder, who for more than 51 years and with the continuity of his son Francesc Casanovas, have been converted a small cattle farm into one of ATO’s benchmark farms.

This family farm is dedicated to agricultural and livestock activities, since it cultivates its land with the aim of feeding its own cows.
Seeking to be integrated into the environment and imbued with the characteristic values of the Empordà, based on perseverance, commitment and respect, Can Costa de Manol aims to offer ATO consumers a quality, respectful and local product.