About Us


Foundation of the ATO brand

Centro Láctico Balcells (CEBALSA), a company founded by the Balcells family, with a bottling plant on Calle Motors in Barcelona, Zona Franca.


Market Leading ATO Fresh Milk

ATO products reach more than one million Catalonian households. The milk is collected from 3,700 farmers and 480 people work in the factory.



Production is transferred to the Vidreres factory (Girona), a plant built in the mid-1950s, with an ambitious expansion and modernisation project.

ATO in the media

ATO, more than 30 years sharing our flavour
ATO, growing with you
ATO, in Catalonia always with you


Llet ATO S.L. is founded.

A group of seven Catalonian farmers buy 60% of the shares from CAPSA.

Launch of ATO Natura milk

Xavi and Ricky Rubio with ATO Natura


ATO, the first to have the Animal Welfare Certificate

ATO, the first dairy brand to obtain the AENOR CONFORM Animal Welfare Certificate based on the European WELFARE QUALITY standard.


ATO in international markets

ATO continues to expand into new international markets with excellent product reception.


ATO launches its organic range on the market.

The organic range is launched: Whole Milk, Semi-Skimmed Milk and butter.